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WCP News Feature Service

world city press logoWorld City Press develops tailored News Feature programs that can reach a broader segment of people who otherwise may never have known about a company.

The publication format is designed around breaking news topics of interest to the public – as it relates to a Company’s own story. When published, News Features are offered copyright-free to newspapers and websites, with editors knowing they have a story people are interested in, the same way commercial news is produced for syndication. That builds broader exposure as the story format itself lends credibility to building a corporate brand effect.

how it worksHow it Works

News Features are written with editors in mind, the same way as the commercial news we produce every day, that gets picked up by other newspapers and web publications. By using a commercial News production format, News Features are readily accepted as a credible source of information.

We Guarantee Exposure

guaranteedNews Features are syndicated across major market city news sites that comprise our US News network. In addition, every News Feature is distributed to major newspapers across the AP newsdesk through a distribution partnership with press release services, assuring every feature story the broad news coverage it deserves.

News features also appear in online news feeds such as Google News, Bing News, a host of news aggregators in addition to other independent feeds in our own syndicate.

After every News Feature is published, we provide a follow-up news release that brings attention to your company. It reaches hundreds of mainstream media radio and TV station websites, the Associated Press and news databases such as Lexis Nexis. These are included in every news feature media program as part of the service.

Next, we create a follow-up news article that we refer to as a Tag Story which notes that the company being covered in the news was previously featured by a publication. This further broadens readership and builds upon the SEO benefits of our unique Web publishing format to give our customers as great an impact as possible.

Whether your company is looking for an immediate boost to its credibility or your goal is to build a long-term following of readers, we have flexibly tailored programs to suit your needs. Rates and program details are available upon request.

For further information, please contact your Representative.