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Sacramento – Oct 27, 2009 – NewsBlaze, a hybrid among online news publications, has joined the World City Press (WCP) news network as a syndicate partner under which the two online news publishing organizations are sharing stories across their networks while promoting joint marketing opportunities between them.

“We see fitting into our family of news network websites very well,” said WCP Publishing Editor, Eric Stevenson. “Our relationship from the beginning is proving to be profitable for both organizations.”

“ has been looking to expand its publisher relationships in strengthening our content and brand,” said NewsBlaze founder and publishing editor, Alan Gray. “The opportunity to work together with WCP has great potential and we hope it becomes an example to other publishers who might join our cooperative approach to publishing online.” syndicates stories to 50 small town newspaper sites within its own news network as well as close to a million unique readers a month on its parent website. The media services offers are accented by the services WCP provides, giving both publishing companies more revenue generating capabilities.

newsblaze logo retina is also an online press release service and by opening up all three online news networks under WCP’s control,’s press releases now have an unparalleled ability to reach a broader audience without incurring additional fees. WCP’s business news feature program is also enjoying a broader exposure through NewsBlaze syndicate with stories being rewritten for those markets, again, at no additional cost to WCP’s agency customers.

WCP hopes to expand its publisher syndicate in a similar fashion as with NewsBlaze on the basis of sharing content, expanding media services and potentially online advertising sales. Plans call for developing a more sophisticated hosted news solution which WCP’s syndicate partners can benefit from through third-party sites that would sign up for this unique custom news display solution. Sites being targeted for the program either receive free news to display and in cases where their traffic is high enough, ad space is shared on the hosted page from their site which acts as a template to serve up the stories without the visitor feeling like they’ve left their site. Those WCP syndicate partners who participate share in the revenue those page views generate from a shared master database, or pooled-content approach.

“We’ve spent several years beta-testing a hosted news solution and found that traffic can vary greatly depending on the type of website and news category they chose to display,” said Stevenson. “After sharing our plans with Alan’s publishing company we found that the technological skills NewsBlaze brings to the table are able to advance our traffic-generating program tremendously. We’re very excited to have NewsBlaze as a partner in moving forward with our growth strategy.”