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RENO – August 1, 2009 – World City Press (WCP) launches the first low-cost news channel program that delivers millions of targeted readers using a demographic filtering process for IR awareness campaigns.

The media program was developed in response to a growing demand for a measurable ROI when companies attempt to reach massive numbers of readers and investors alike in a fast, cost-effective manner.

“There’s nothing that compares to our Custom News Channel program,” boasts Eric Stevenson, founder of World City Press. “We can deliver any company’s message to a targeted audience of from 2 to 7 million readers in a matter of days for less than 1/2 a-cent per reader on some of the best news and financial sites the web has to offer. I’d like to see you do that with email!”

Dubbed Custom News Channels, WCP organized hundreds of top brand, high-traffic news and financial sites which were grouped into categories to deliver targeted media campaigns according to business sector. The development takes into consideration the growing demand for a measurable form of IR awareness campaign to justify the expenditure to an agency’s customer.

“Demographic filtering lets us display our customers’ message only to readers interested in the topic,” said Stevenson. “Not one impression is wasted!”

The media program uses standard IAB displays to assure access to top-brand sites’ various pages where sometimes only one size of display will work, controlling the deliverable creative in such a way that it assures high-quality, targeted readership in a cost-effective manner. Visitor information allows for displaying the media creatives according to the readers interests so the message is only seen by people interested in the topic itself and by monitoring their results in real time, a campaign can dramatically increase the ROI by only displaying those creatives readers react to the most.

Studies of eye movement on a page show that certain page locations are hot spots but taking a deeper look into how people view webpages, layouts also play a role in where readers look. By displaying the media creatives one to a page per visitor, we’re able to track which media creatives deliver the highest response by measuring the campaign on a site-by-site basis. Through early traffic analysis during a campaign we can determine which media creatives perform best, at what time of day and on which sites and filter the balance of the campaign so that ROI is optimal.

Custom News Channels are available in standard and premium channels in the US and CA. The campaigns are bundled by site/visitor categories which are available for business, technology and health in standard demographic configurations. Premium channels provide wider choices of demographic filtering that permitted WCP to set up ‘specialty channels’ for Oil & Gas and Mining as well as the three industry sectors offered in our standard custom news channel program.

“There’s an awful lot of buzz in the IR and PR communities about the use of social media to create chatter about companies or their products,” said Stevenson. “But you have to have a catalyst that can generate a wave of social interest online and our custom news channels fit the bill to a T. It’s like a bomb of information only your controlling the blasts direction, reaching millions of readers who are already interested in a topic.”

IR awareness campaigns are becoming more challenging than ever and yet trying to measure their results in order to justify the expense can be difficult. That’s especially the case when smaller companies are involved. Today, IR agencies face such challenges with few resources at their disposal which can deliver measureable, cost-effective results.

Companies face image problems when couched by the public, or press, as lacking in social responsibility and many attempt to combat it, yet few can turn it to their advantage. That’s where WCP’s custom news channels can help by creating cost-effective, mass-market campaign delivery to targeted audiences while providing campaign measurement for an agency’s customer. If used as a catalyst for social media, the brand value can reflect in even higher response rates.

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For further information or to request our Rate Sheet, please call us at the number shown below. You can also download our Custom News Channel PDF file before calling. When you call we will provide a free, in-depth consultation on how our Custom News Channel Program can benefit your company.