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RENO – August 21, 2009 – World City Press (WCP) unveiled its new site ( designed for showcasing news features as the broad news publisher ratcheted up its marketing efforts in the growing corporate and product branding arena. But while the Site serves up rarely seen business feature editorial stories, behind the public showcase lies an extensive suite of media services being made available to IR and PR agencies.

“We understand news production and we also know how to reach readers in as competitive a publishing arena as the Internet,” said World City Press President Brandon Piddington. “So when we decided to expand our media services to include corporate and product branding, it only made sense that we hand over the marketing reigns to agencies that work with the businesses our services cater to.”

World City Press is the only business feature production house in North America with a built-in ability to dispatch those stories to the market through its recently acquired news networks in the USA, CA and UK.

“While the news feature production and distribution market is quite competitive on the product branding side, there is virtually none of them serving businesses due to their inability to get the stories picked up based on publishers’ editorial calendars,” said Piddington. “Today, the demand for IR awareness campaigns have grown, but with no resources available, agencies face a daunting task in finding ways to bring attention to their customers’ businesses quickly – and in a cost-effective manner that they can actually measure. These are exactly the roles World City Press fulfills, explained Piddington – we’re their ‘media architects’.”

The Agency portion of Syndicate My News is geared toward providing the marketing material needed, describing the various media services available. But there is also a host of Media Briefs which blend WCP’s products with proven studies on long-term news campaign effects on business results, how effective news features can be in building confidence and trust and more. Those Briefs, explained Piddington, basically show how our media services stack up against some of the top studies and if the Agencies want to know more, they’ll even find the actual studies they were compared to. Of course alongside the marketing material are conveniently placed links to our own case studies from the larger of the three news networks’ parent company that WCP acquired in May and the related Media Briefs.

A custom Order Form was built which makes communications error proof when confirming a PO before an invoice is generated in that it delivers a personalized email to the customer that lists the media services being ordered which they must confirm by replying to the email before an invoice is sent. Agencies also receive a copy of the order confirmation request for their records.

The entire Agency-oriented media program is designed to make it as simple as possible to both present WCP’s media programs to customers, inform them of their value and confirm orders so that WCP, the customer and their Agent are ‘in the loop’. But unlike many media programs offered by product-oriented feature production houses, WCP goes the extra mile by assigning each customer a media brand specialist who sees the project through from concept to execution so the campaign goes off without a hitch and delivers as high an ROI as possible, making the campaign both seamlessly measurable and cost-effective.

“Our best testimonial is when a customer renews,” said Piddington. “So we take great care in treating every customer with as high a level of commitment to our work as possible.”

The Agency program is being made available to Agencies who primarily serve customers in the United States and Canada, or those foreign agencies who are looking for a guiding hand in bringing their customers into the North American market.

For information on becoming an Agency of Record – or Representative, please contact Eric Stevenson at 775.641.0362.