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Producing news features requires crafting stories that fulfill objectives, what ever they may be. It requires an architectural approach to media presentation that wins the balance of drawing interest to a topic publishers are willing to accept while inducing readers to act.

News feature production houses primarily rely on meeting the editorial calenders of publishers, such as submitting a feature story on lawncare for a newspapers' home and garden section according to its spring editorial calendar. But World City Press is more than that, we don't rely on editorial calendars - we produce feature news stories on current topics the media is covering that relates to our customer.

Anyone can push a story on the basis of a publisher's editorial calendar, but that's just one source. What about the rest of the market? How do you both produce news features and distribute them when your customer is looking for a regional play? We can do that too.

At World City Press, news features are written with editors in mind, providing late-breaking news of interest publishers are looking for today - not a month from now - and we do it using what most production houses would consider a bold and risky tactic - writing news publishers would accept for immediate publication as a feature editorial.

Our news format works because we publish news every day across 132 major market news sites that make up our global news network. We are the largest independent online news network in North America and the only business feature production and distribution house as well.

World City Press has its own in-house news syndication service, that unlike any other news feature or custom publishing business, doesn't have to rely on the editorial calendar of newspapers for distribution. We are the source.

Because World City Press both produces and distributes news features in-house our rates are lower than any competitor in the market today, when considering that every Feature we produce is followed up by a second story at no additional charge. Why produce a follow up story? Simple, it increases the chances of being read and linking back to the Feature, it increases the odds of a reader acting on the story's message. In fact, we offer long-term news feature programs that build on a storyline over time so as readership grows, so does the impact it creates. And because our long-term Features and follow-up stories all link to each other, no matter where someone enters the storyline, they can follow all of the stories we've published.

Low rates, double the publication exposure and with it comes our ability to syndicate in-house while guaranteeing exposure in the largest independent online news network in North America makes World City Press the best value for any company looking to expand its brand.

Expert Advice

Every customer has a story to tell, whether its about their product or the business itself. To write about it means getting readers to look at a company or its products and act. The art in writing a feature story is in listening to what a customer is hoping to achieve and finding a way to make it interesting - both for publishers who might display the story and the readers they want to reach. A customer can't do it, nor can the copywriter, it takes a media brand specialist who knows how to guide the feature production process so it fulfills a customer's goals while making it appealing to publishers so they'll want to display it.

Once a news feature is ordered, World City Press assigns a skilled media brand specialist who works as a communicator to interpret our customers' goals, driving the entire news feature campaign from start to finish - while reporting on those results in order to measure the effectiveness of every news feature campaign we manage.

It's that listening process that produces measurable results and perhaps why our renewal rates are so high.

World City Press doesn't write stories, we interpret them in such a way that readers find them interesting enough to trust what they've read and act upon it. Isn't that what they're supposed to do? We think so!

Small Business Specialists

World City Press prides itself on being able to build reader awareness for small businesses by producing feature stories in a business editorial format while the story lead is often a broad news topic of interest to editors who don't mind displaying that news even though the company featured isn't some major brand.

The art in producing business features lies in architecturally fashioning a story about a topic other publishers are writing about in the news and matching that lead format while introducing the small business in such a way as to create reader identification and trust, branding the business alongside its larger peers. The end result is news that can promote a small business.

Most small companies struggle to be seen and often they're just as newsworthy as their larger peers, only publishers follow a simple premise in quoting some executive from a larger, more well-known company, thinking it more newsworthy and of interest to their readers. But if you supply a publisher with the opportunity to post a ready-made feature on the same topic copyright free, chances are, quite a few of them will accept it rather than produce it themselves or in many cases, buy it from a news agency.

A Backbone to Social Networking - Be The Buzz

Social networking is all the buzz and while the desire may be to develop social chatter about a business or its products, you can't expect a small team of people making posts on the more popular social networking sites to carry off a wave of social comments from the public. You need a catalyst to build upon, and nothing works better than World City Press' news features - especially when combining it with our powerful and far-reaching Custom News Channel media program which displays those headlines across hundreds of top-brand news and financial websites.

People trust what they read in the news more than anything else - and we have the Media Briefs to back that up - which compare our media programs to recent studies like 'How Long-Term Media Campaigns Affect Outcomes', or 'How Effective are Online Articles' - and more.

So if news is the cornerstone of building trust with readers, then World City Press' news features can be the catalyst to a social networking approach that can build on a company's brand, or in some cases, combat negative perceptions of a business or its products, depending on the needs of a customer.

The value of news features is to build awareness and trust while branding either the business itself or its products or services. So the impact of using news feature campaigns as part of a social networking development may add to measurable response rates, especially when long-term news feature campaigns are planned in order to keep the buzz going.

What it Costs and How We Can Help

Please call us at the number shown below for a Rate Sheet as well as a free, in-depth consultation on how World City Press can feature your company in the news. You can also download PDF files that describe our News Feature and Custom News Channel programs for small business before you call.

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